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Aquatic Plants

Serendib Horticulture Technologies Pvt. Ltd has engaged in a Public-Private Partnership with the National Aquatic Development Authority (NAQDA) of the Ministry of Fisheries to set up and manage a tissue culture lab to propagate aquatic plants for the export market.

Asian Development Bank had invested nearly Rs. 30 million on this project.

This project, has located at Rambadagalla, Kurunegala in the North Western Province, will be able to provide employment to youth in the area. Serendib Horticulture who is the undisputed leaders in the field of commercial tissue culture will train and manage the facility as a model facility for such partnerships.

We, as the pioneers of plant exporters, are of the view that export of aquatic plants could be a major foreign exchange earner to the country in the future. The use of tissue culture technology in propagation of aquatic plants will result in the prevention of indiscriminate harvesting of endangered and indigenous flora from the wild.

Ammania Gracilis Anubias Barteri Aponogiton Rigidifolius
Bacopa Monnieri Cryptocoryne Lutea Cryptocoryne Pygmaea
Egeria Densa Hemianthus Callitrichoides Hemigrapis Rependa
Ludwegea Prewensis Nymphoides Crenata  
Cryptocoryne Parva Cryptocoryne Wendtii Echinodorous Cardifolious
Echinodorus Amazonicus Hemigrapis Colarata Myriophyllum Aquatica