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Nursery Production

The company has nurseries in Kalagedihena, Chilaw and Ambewela. The company is into exporting flowers, fruits and vegetable plants to Holland, Denmark, Japan, USA, Germany, South Korea, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE and is engaged in doing productions for local customers as well. The outstanding quality of the plant material we export is the result of high quality net houses, nurseries and management practices of our skilled gardeners.

The company which is in close proximity to the airport and the seaport is experienced in exporting plants by air and sea freight containers.

Our Nursery Production Facilities
Un-rooted product, single stem Rooted end product in the field
Some of our Nursery Produced Plants

Adenium Obesum Aglonema Manila Aglonema Pseudobracteatum Aglonema Silver Queen Champagn Palm
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