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Nursery Production

The company has nurseries in Kalagedihena, Chilaw and Ambewela. All the foliage plant nurseries are located at Kalagedihena and Chilaw and Ambewela projects produce flower bulbs and various vegetable varieties. The company is into exporting flowers, fruits and vegetable plants to Holland, Denmark, Japan, USA, Germany, South Korea, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE and is engaged in doing productions for local customers as well. The outstanding quality of the plant material we export is the result of high quality net houses, nurseries and management practices of our skilled gardeners.

The company which is in close proximity to the airport and the seaport is experienced in exporting plants by air and sea freight containers.

Adenium Obesum Aglonema Manila Aglonema Pseudobracteatum Aglonema Silver Queen Champagn Palm
Codeaeum Banana Codeaeum Iceton Codiaeum Acubaefolia Codiaeum Excurrence Bush Codiaeum Goldspot
Codiaeum Petra Codiaeum Pictum Cordyline Kiwi Cordyline Tricolour Exotica Crinum Moorei
Croton Baby Red Croton Bush and Fire Croton Pictum Dra.Marginata Colorama Dracaena Fragrance Massangiane
Dracaena Godseffiana Milky Way Dracaena Marginata (Range) Dracaena Sanderiana Celes Dracaena Sanderiana Gold Dracaena Sanderiana White
Dracaena Sanderianan Victory Hibiscus Red Hibiscus Rosa Hibiscus Salmon Ixora Malkka
Ixora Nora Grand Pandanus Latifolia Pleomele Song of India Plumeria Rubra Polyscias Filicifolia
Polyscias Balfouriana Marginata Polyscias Butterfly Polyscias Filicifolia Mini Bush Polyscias Filicifolia Raphis Excelsa
Spindle Palm Tabernmontana Corymbosa Mini