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Research and Development

We think innovation is the key to success. Our company has been working on R & D to produce and introduce new varieties to the market. We will also be looking at using latest technology in Genetic Engineering with the collaboration of University of Peradeniya. During the last couple of years our scientists and technicians in the R & D came up with many new micro propagation protocols after conducting many trials.

The company has developed a range of protocols. The latest project undertaken by the company for the Ministry of Environment, Qatar includes development of16 tissue culture protocols for priority species of which some are desert species comprising herbs and tree types. In the harsh environments, conservation of such species is recognized as an important factor in awarding the project to the company.

Many tissue culture protocols have been developed for aquatic plant species by the company including species of Cryptocoryne, Anubius, Aponogetum and Echinodorus. The natural environments in which they grow face threats of erosion and illegal harvesting and the company is concentrating on infusing knowledge on the importance of conservation of such species while making commercial quantities available for any grower who is interested in purchasing such wild species.